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Housing Deposit ($75)   $


Fall Transfer Enrollment Deposit ($100)   $


Fall Freshman Enrollment Deposit ($100)   $


Fall Student Acct Pmt   $


Fall Study Abroad Down Payment   $


Spring Transfer Enrollment Deposit ($100)   $


Spring Freshman Enrollment Deposit ($100)   $


Spring Student Acct Pmt   $


Spring Study Abroad Down Payment   $


Summer Transfer Enrollment Deposit ($100)   $


Summer Freshman Enrollment Deposit ($100)   $


Summer Student Acct Pmt   $


Summer Study Abroad Down Payment   $


Winterim Transfer Enrollment Deposit ($100)   $


Winterim Freshman Enrollment Deposit ($100)   $


Winterim Student Acct Pmt   $


Winterim Study Abroad Down Payment   $


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Please note: funds must be drawn from a bank within the United States.

Effective Payment Date 10/21/2016
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